A Peruvian fruit rich in beta carotene, lucuma is known to provide benefits for eye health, cellular growth, blood sugar levels, and your immune system. Also an antioxidant, lucuma can prevent the oxidative stress that contributes to various illnesses. Its niacin content also assists muscle development and in combination with its fibre aids healthy functioning of the digestive tract. 


Cacao is a flavonoid, extremely potent in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, and is even suggested to have cardiovascular health benefits. One thing that might be more unknown about cacao is how it can benefit brain health. It is suggested that this superfood enhances neuroplasticity for behavioral and brain health benefits. Cacao is also known to enhance neural synchrony, cognitive processing, learning, memory, recall, and mindfulness.

Yellow Aji Amarillo

Yellow Aji peppers are rich in antioxidants – relieving oxidative stress on the body and contributing to the prevention of co-morbidities. There is also evidence to suggest aji peppers can assist in lowering unfavorable cholesterol levels. They contain many carotenoids and are also high in vitamin A.


Chipotle peppers and other chili peppers are known for being antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, and filled with phyto-chemicals. Rich in vitamins C and A, chipotle peppers specifically have many health benefits. It helps the body dissolve fibrin, a naturally occurring substance that contributes to blood clots, a major cause of heart disease and stroke. Its capsaicin content reduces blood pressure, reducing stress on the entire cardiovascular system.