Sin pastel, no hay fiesta: A mother’s philosophy

Alma was born out of a love for family, food, and fond memories of a childhood spent helping and learning in the kitchen. Little Guili recalls a world where delicious aromas would waft from her mother’s kitchen daily, a world where relatives and friends would gather and share stories and laughter. For each celebration (and every gathering was a celebration!) there would be a cake to make it that much more special.

Meet Guili

Guili’s mother was always experimenting in the kitchen, making cakes from quinoa and pastels with amaranth, and her creativity wasn’t lost on little Guili. She took the experimental processes she learnt in the kitchen and transferred it into her own path, pursuing pharmacy and biochemistry as a field of study.

The need for nutrition

In 2008, Guili was in the midst of making preparations for her wedding in America when she received the news that her mother had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Her world was rocked, and she rushed to Peru to be by her side. Desperate to have her mother present at her wedding, she shifted all of her preparations to Peru. Her mother, being the incredible baker that she was, was desperate to make her wedding cake as her gift to Guili, but she found herself too weak to take on the task. Her family jumped in to help, and Guili’s wedding cake was created with the love and togetherness that had characterized her childhood.

Her wedding wasn’t the only thing that had to change. Guili learnt about nutrition, about sugar being a contributor to poor health. The recipes passed down from her mother changed, with tweaks that replaced the sugar with natural fruits, the butter with healthy fats. Losing her mother made her realize how important it was to control what you put into your body, and so she started experimenting.

Blends with benefits

With a newfound appreciation for whole foods, Guili set her sights on developing a product that kept her connections to her mother and her heritage alive, a product that brought her valued memories to life. With an emphasis on nutrient-rich and high-quality ingredients, she brought her laboratory experience to this project… and Alma was born.

Alma today

For Guili, Alma is a reminder of her mother’s presence and her legacy, a way to pay homage to her mother and thank her for everything she shared with her… her passion for food, for its ability to bring people together, for the pride it gave her in her heritage. She puts every ounce of this love into every product she creates, creating flavors and combinations that allow her to share that love with you.